Klaus Toepfer, was Former United Nations Undersecretary-General and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme. He is the chair professor of UNEP-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development, and has made outstanding contributions to environmental improvement and image advertising of environmental protection for China in that hehas been devoting himself to education and popularization of environmental protection and sustainable development for a long time .

Klaus Toepfer has won “Friendship Award ” supported by Chinese government , “Bai Yu Lan Prize” of Shanghai and “The People's Republic of China International Scientific and Technological Co-operation Award of 2010” in January 14, 2011. In order to encourage environmental protection in China, he donates 1 million RMB to establish scholarship. “Klaus Toepfer Environment Scholarship” which with the purpose of stimulating youngsters to make contributions to more and more serious environmental problems was established formally in November,2007 .There are ten recipients and every recipient gains 10 thousand yuan every year. This is the first scholarship about environment discipline for universities of the whole country. 40 excellent students have won this scholarship between 2009 to 2012.

Who can apply

“Klaus Toepfer Environment Scholarship”is open to university undergraduates from all over China who have :

1.        Sound mental state and good conduct

2.        Excellent academic performance

(1)   GPA ranking should be top five in fellow students and very good knowledge of English

(2)   Strong research capabilities and innovative spirit are needed. Remarkable academic achievements in environment should be made.

3.        enthusiastic participation in such activities or organized , and outstanding performance in these activities.