TONGJI GLOBAL VISION LECTURES | Global Development and Refugee Issues
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Theme: Global Development and Refugee Issues

-- How do young people participate in international organizations

Speaker: Mr. Sivanka Dhanapala, Representative of the Representation of UNHCR China

Time: 13th Nov. 15:30-17:00

Venue: lecture Hall 10thfloor, Zonghe Building



The UNHCR is responsible for leading and coordinating global action on protecting refugees and seeking solutions to refugee problems, with the primary task of safeguarding the rights and lives of refugees. UNHCR has continuously promoted the cooperation of governments and international organizations to create favorable conditions for protecting human rights and peacefully resolving disputes in order to reduce forced displacement.




Sivanka Dhanapala

Representative of the Representation of UNHCR China


Sivanka Dhanapala is a lawyer from Sri Lanka who has served with UNHCR since 1992. Brief sojourns outside UNHCR since then have been with the IAEA at their Vienna Headquarters 1993 - 1994, and with the Representative of the Secretary-General on IDPs (then Francis Deng), as his New York Representative 1999 - 2001. He was deployed to two emergency situations - Pakistan for the floods in 2010, and to Tunisia, Egypt, western Libya (Benghazi) during the Libya crisis in 2011. Mr. Dhanapala worked as UNHCR Representative in China since 16 January, 2018.