Summer Program (The Shanghai Center for Sustainability)

Summer Program 
Session 1:  June 10 –   June 29, 2012 
Session 2: July 9  –   July 27, 2012
The Center for Sustainability in  Shanghai is  inviting  university students and industry
professionals to take part in a comprehensive summer course designed to provide an in 
depth  introduction to today's  sustainability trends in China.  Complementary to this 3 week
study course , students will be offered a chance to participate  in a 6 week internship at a
leading Chinese or i nternational company, focusing on sustainable development. 
The program will provide students  with valuable insight  in to  sustainable and environmental 
trends  in China  and will highlight what the current opportunities within the country are.  
Lecturers from leading universities and enterprises will present seminars covering a range of
ʻgreenʼ  topics, and participants will be given the opportunity to visit several of these
institutions covering a variety of industries. 
As well as participating in lectures, exercises and company visits, students will also have the
chance to attend several networking events that will take place in  various locations, and
include people from different industries where sustainability is a main theme. 
The workload of this course alone will account for 3 US credit hours;  with the 6-week
internship  accounting  for a further  3 US credit hours  (depending  on home institution).


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