Jiaqi Shen Deputy Office Director and Senior Programme Coordinator of International Degree Programme

(1) Assists management teams to coordinate administrative and HR work of IESD office
(2) Implements admission strategy and assessment; designs and develops academic plan; evaluates the teaching quality and the satisfaction; and maintains the alumni network
(3) Coordinates conferences, workshops and trainings for capacity building


Qian Jian Coordinator of General Education and Transdisciplinary Talent Training

(1) Transdisciplinary courses, Minor Programme in Sustainable Development (MPSD) for undergraduates and postgraduates
(2) Transdisciplinary PhD programme
(3) Cooperation with international organizations including UN agencies


Hui Ma Coordinator of Research Projects and Financial Affairs

(1) Application and closure of research projects
(2) Financial affairs of IESD
(3) COVESTRO and Meteo Lab


Wenjing Gu  Coordinator of Communication and Foreign Affairs

Phone: 65982116

Weilin Wang Coordinator of office general affairs and event planning for international students


Shuzhi Hou Coordinator of Project Development and International Cooperation

Email:+86 21 65982119

Wenyin Yu Coordinator of General Education and Transdisciplinary Talent Training