Past Events
2019 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability

During 2019 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability (ISCES 2019), more than 200 young students from 37 countries and regions gathered in the hall of 1·29 at Tongji University to participate in the Summit Forum with the theme of “Air Pollution” on June 12th. 

ISCES 2019 focused on four major topics: Education for Sustainable Development and UN, Ecological city, Environment and Health, Sustainable Production and Consumption. The conference was co-organized by Tongji University, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Xinhua News Agency and Beijing Environment Foundation for Young Talents, and sponsored by Agricultural Bank of China, State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse, Covestro Polymers (China) Co., Ltd.

Joyce Msuya,assistant secretary-general and deputy executive director of UNEP, delivered a speech via video, addressing ISCES 2019 and young students. She mentioned the hazards of air pollution worldwide, commended the Chinese government ’s important measures, encouraged young students to practice green lifestyles and help solve air pollution problems. She also spoke highly of the friendly and cooperative relationship between UNEP and Tongji University over the past 17 years. Meantime, she praised the achievements of Tongji University in promoting sustainable development education and looked forward to further cooperation between the two sides.

Joyce Msuya, Assistant Secretary-general and Deputy Executive Director of UNEP

At the Welcome Remarks, Prof. Chen Jie, president of Tongji University, Ms. Wang Bei, vice president of Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch delivered speeches respectively. They hoped that our young students could play an exemplary role in carrying out the concept of sustainable development, make greater contributions to the realization of global sustainable development goals as well as the building of a harmonious homeland shared by mankind.

Prof. Chen Jie, President of Tongji University

Ms. Wang Bei, Vice President of Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch

Prof. Ding Yihui, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr. Huang Jing, director of the Administrative Center of China’s Agenda 21, Ms. Monika Gail MacDevette, deputy director of Ecosystems Division at UNEP, Dr. Michael Schmidt, Covestro innovation head Asia Pacific made keynote speeches, sharing advanced concepts and important achievements in the field of environment and sustainable development. Participants gained a wide range of relevant knowledge from various dimensions such as academia, government agencies, international organizations, industries, etc.

Prof. Ding Yihui, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Mr. Huang Jing, Director of the Administrative Center of China’s Agenda 21

Ms. Monika Gail MacDevette, Deputy Director of Ecosystems Division at UNEP

Dr. Michael Schmidt, Covestro Innovation Head Asia Pacific

As a special event of the ISCES, the awarding ceremony of 2018 International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection was held. With the theme of “Youth Empowerment and Youth Action”, the cartoon competition encourages young people to take an active part in environmental protection. Mr. Wang Zhenhua, deputy editor-in-chief of China Daily, introduced the excellent works of the competition on the spot, and fully recognized the creativity and mobility of young people in environmental protection issues

In addition, the author team of Global Environmental Outlook-6 for Youth Asia-Pacific also introduced the report content and their creative ideas, which shows the important role of youth in sustainable development.

Winners and Presenters of 2018 International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection

Author team of Global Environmental Outlook-6 for Youth Asia-Pacific

2019 Green Future Scholarship and 2018 Green Seedling Fund also presented winners. A total of 40 students from 44 nationwide universities won the awards, including 6 research reports or papers by Green Future Scholarship and 10 student research projects funded by Green Seedling Fund.

Winners and Presenters of 2019 Green Future Scholarship

Winners and Presenters of 2018 Green Seedling Fund

Green Seedling Fund and Green Future Scholarship are set up by Beijing Green Future Environmental Foundation, serving for undergraduate as well as master students majoring in environment or environment-related majors in China. Green Seedling Fund orients to research projects in the area of environmental science, encourages small inventions, innovations and academic researches, especially interdisciplinary researches by young students. Green Future Scholarship orients to social practices, promotes students to survey environmental problems in their hometown or current social hot-spot. Research reports and papers basing on adaptability evaluation of national or local environmental policies, laws and standards are welcomed.

Before the opening ceremony, participants have been invited to participate in exhibitions, on-site learning, seminars and other activities. Global young studentsgave speeches and debates focusing on four sub-themes, and shared their latest practices and thoughts through academic reports, group discussions, on-scene survey and poster demonstrations. 

With the Global Youth Tongji Declaration, ISCES 2019 ended at Jun. 15th.

The organizing committee said, ISCES 2019 actively respond to the theme of World Environmental Day “Air Pollution”, and gathered young students worldwide to discuss the major environmental and sustainable development issues of global concern, which is of great significance in promoting the sustainable development education. The conference provides an opportunity for young students, institutions, NGOs and enterprises working on green development to share and exchange ideas, which also encourages young talents to participant in sustainable development projects and practices.