Green Industrial Policy: Promoting Competitiveness and Structural Transformation
A new course from the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE)

How can countries promote economic recovery, boost competitiveness, and create new jobs while addressing the two defining crises of our time—COVID-19, and the climate emergency? How do we build the next generation of leaders and change agents—and those that inform and educate them—needed to advance green, structural change? In seeking to answer both of these questions, Partnership for Action on Green Economy(PAGE) launched a new free, online course—Green Industrial Policy: Promoting Competitiveness and Structural Transformation - couldn't be timelier. 

By drawing from recent experiences and examples of green industrial policy, countries can
 implement a “green recovery” which not only overcomes the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19, but also positions them to tackle the environmental challenges lying ahead. At the same time, the course’s unique structure—with multimedia content tailored for integration into existing instructional activities—is designed to advance learning on green industrial policy at a high technical level, and can therefore support universities and training institutions in their quest to develop the green leaders of tomorrow.