Student Activity | Chinese Advanced Courses for IESD Students

In order to improve the Chinese proficiency of international students in China, IESD held a course on improving the Chinese language advancement on March 7, 2023 in the classroom of 902 of the Ease Building, and specially invited Ms. Xu Xinyuan from the Institute of International Cultural Exchange to give a live lecture to the students, during the class, the students took notes carefully and actively interacted with the teacher. 

Fig1. live lecture by Ms Xu Xinyuan

During the class, students took good notes and actively interacted with the teacher. During the class, they also practiced with their classmates, reading every pinyin and every word carefully, and every student was engaged in serious learning. Some students said: learning Chinese is very interesting and meaningful, and they can understand Chinese culture better, and they will study it seriously in the future.

Fig2. Ms Xu Xinyuan interacted enthusiastically with the students

Fig3. Students listen carefully to the lectures

This activity not only enhanced the interest of international students in learning Chinese, but also promoted their knowledge and ability in Chinese to a certain extent, and added a new way to understand Chinese culture.

(Written/Photoed by Song Shu)