Chinese Cultural Activities for IESD International Students Were Carried out under Regular Epidemic Prevention and Control

 UNEP-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development (hereinafter referred to as IESD) has carried out Chinese cultural experience activities for the IESD international students during the period of regular epidemic prevention and control, including Chinese painting courses, Advanced Chinese Language Course and Oriental Pearl Tower visit, in order to enable international students to experience and learn the Chinese culture and feel its charm.

 At the beginning of this semester, IESD has offered Traditional Chinese Painting Course for all the IESD international students on campus. In class, the teacher chooses peach, koi, butterfly, chrysanthemum and other classic Chinese painting images as the introduction to painting. Starting with the basic concepts of traditional Chinese painting, such as brush, ink, paper and inkstone, it lays a good foundation for the international students to approach traditional Chinese painting. Through the one-month experience of Traditional Chinese Painting classes, the international students not only learned the basic method of handling brush, but also experienced the beauty of Chinese painting and traditional Chinese culture in painting.

IESD international students in Chinese Painting Course (1)

IESD international students in Chinese Painting Course (2)

IESD students in Chinese Painting Course (3)

 In addition, IESD has organized an Advanced Chinese Language Course for all the IESD international students, which starts in mid-October and runs until the end of the semester. On the basis of the elementary Chinese course, the course further instructs the students to write Chinese characters, aiming to stimulate the enthusiasm and interest of international students in learning Chinese, improve their comprehensive learning and practical ability, and guide them to prepare for HSK3.

 IESD International Students learning Chinese Language

 On October 16, the IESD international students visited the landmarks in Shanghai - the Oriental Pearl Tower. Through the visit of Shanghai History Museum (Pudong) on the first floor of the Tower, they closely watched the images of Shanghai modern history vicissitude and learned the culture and history of Shanghai city.

Group Photo of IESD international students in the Oriental Pearl Tower

 Under the background of the regular epidemic prevention and control in China, these Chinese culture experience activities, on the one hand, enrich the cultural life of the international students; on the other hand, help students learn the Chinese local conditions and customs, folk culture and contemporary social development, feel the wisdom of ancient Chinese ancestors and deepen the understanding of the Chinese culture, so as to further enhance their sense of identity with China.

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