1. Call For Application in IESD International Degree Programmes

Call for Application for Admission to Msc and PhD Programs at IESD 2021.pdf

Q&A 2021 Degree Program Application.pdf

2. Orientation

Instruction on how to activate the yjsxt system 研究生系统激活说明.pdf

2020年研究生手册-8.20 Handbook of postgraduates TJU.pdf

Programme Schedule for 2Y and 4Y.pdf

3. Study Plan and Credits Completion

2020 IESD STUDY PLAN TEMPLATE 20200907.pdf

2020-2021 autumn semester IESD course schedule 20200825.pdf

2020 IESD Ph.D_Doctor Study Plan.pdf

IESD 英文课程介绍 Course Description 20200825.pdf

UPDATED Chinese and China Outlook 2020秋季英文授课研究生-四平校区.pdf

 Instruction on how to make study plan and choose courses.pdf

 The Evaluation Form of Academic Integrity(compulsories)研究生学术行为规范评定表(中英对照)-留学生用.docx

 Experiment Safety Risk Assessment Form (compulsories)环境科学与工程学院学生开题实验安全风险评估表 中英版.docx

 Evaluation Form of 16 Tongji Advanced Lecture(compulsories).docx

4. Research Proposal Submission

 Instruction of Research Proposal Defense and Submission.pdf

 Master's Research Proposal Form 硕士学位论文选题报告及工作计划.doc

 Ph.D Research Proposal Form 博士研究生学位论文选题报告及工作计划.doc

5. Mid-Term Assessment

Instruction on Mid-Term Assessment Application and Submission 20201214.pdf

附件2  Personal Summary for Mid-term Assessment同济大学研究生中期(综合)考核记录表(填写完毕自行转成PDF,上传系统).doc

 Ph.D Mid-Term Assessment Form for Group 1 同济大学博士研究生中期考核表(适用于2017级及之前,考核对象1).doc

6. International Academic Exchange Assessment(only for Ph.D)

 Assessment of international academic exchange for PhD同济大学博士研究生国际学术交流考核表.doc

 Instruction on how to get the one credit of international exchange for Ph.D 获得学分流程.docx

7. Academic Assessment of Thesis Achievements (only for Ph.D)

Ph.D Academic Assessment Workshop  of Thesis 20201208.pdf

 Assessment of Thesis Achievement for Ph.D 关于博士研究生必修环节-论文阶段成果学术报告.docx

8. Degree and Defense Application Documents

 Manual for Graduation Photo Uploading and Collection 20201207.pdf

 About Graduation Ph.D and Master 20200617.pdf


 How to use the yjsxt system for Defense Application 答辩等环节的研究生系统使用方法Q&A.doc

 Application Form for Ph.D 's.docx

 Application Form for Master's.doc

 Review Comment letter for Master 学术型硕士学位论文评阅意见书.doc

 Review Comment Letter for Ph.D 博士学位论文评阅意见书.doc

 Format of dissertation.doc

 Format Summary of Tongji Dissertation.pdf

Duplicate-Checking & Blind-Review 20210519 Master.pdf